Zach Ahn

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Handy Technologies

Jan 2016 to Present.
  • Worked on a large, four-year-old Rails application to streamline the provider application process, increase yield, and optimize operations efficiency

  • Added invoicing and an resolving job queue to integrate our services with an online retailer and to lay the foundation for similar future partnerships

  • Automated activation and approval of new providers; added regulation of incoming provider applications



Aug 2014 to Aug 2015. May 2012 to Aug 2012.
  • Composed a platform for asset fingerprinting, long expires, compressing, and cache busting for improved performance on a Node.js/Express app

  • Implemented an extensible delayed job queue to handle tasks such as asynchronous emails and time-sensitive data processing

  • Reworked the build process in order that unmodified files would not be recompiled to save developer and deployment time

Software Engineer

HMCC Webteam

May 2013 to Sept 2015. May 2011 to Dec 2011.
  • Created, prioritized, and delegated tasks to team members and provided best practices and continuous integration to enable asynchronous work

  • Assessed usage requirements and determined structure, data models, URL schemas of Ruby on Rails application

  • Streamlined developer onboarding and eased development by creating and setting up internal tools using Vagrant, Puppet, Bash, and git hooks


Competing Values

Oct 2012 to Aug 2014.
  • Wrote a self-assessment application using Ruby on Rails for medical students to assess their strengths in the context of the healthcare field

  • Collaborated with a designer to create a responsive WordPress theme and customizable widgets for using PHP and Twitter Bootstrap

  • Migrated self-hosted email, DNS, and web applications from a dedicated server onto multiple services and platforms to decrease costs and improve reliability

Skills & Interests

  • Interested in software architecture, maintaining and refactoring legacy software, and the tradeoffs to make in doing so
  • Experienced with Rails 3.2 and onward in both large and small codebases. Well acquainted with HTML/CSS/JS, although frontend is no longer a focus
  • Knowledgeable with git and its internal workings. Familiar with Linux command line tools and basic server administration


Univeristy of Michigan - Ann Arbor
College of Engineering
BSE Computer Science
Class of 2014


  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript/jQuery/Node.js/React
  • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • PHP
  • C++
  • Bash

Zach Ahn