Zach Ahn


Software Engineer

Work experience

Senior Software Engineer

Odeko Inc

Aug 2019 to Present.

  • Managed a team of two interns. I provided technical and project guidance, answered questions, and connected them to stakeholders to build the right thing
  • Gradually rebuilt the internal admin site from a single page app to a Rails app. The new site immediately improved developer and admin productivity
  • Added introspectability, idempotency, and resiliency to our weekly bank deposits to merchants; added the option to have daily deposits
  • Updated a Haskell microservice to run more than once a day

Software Engineer

Handy Technologies

Jan 2016 to June 2019.

  • Integrated the application with a large online retailer; this project aged well and grew to become a large part of the business
  • Relayed messages between several chat platforms to allow for customers to chat with sales associates, support staff, and the professional matched to their booking
  • Upgraded the large primary Rails 3.2 monolith application to Rails 4.0, along with other various incompatible libraries, in two months
  • Wrote internal tools that each gained widespread adoption—one simplified making secure HTTP requests, a second prevented common errors around our feature flippers, and another simplified setting configuration
  • Built the ability to pair a booking to a professional, and to easily add new heuristics for finding the best professionals for a given job



Aug 2014 to Aug 2015.

May 2012 to Aug 2012.

  • Reworked the build process in order that unmodified files would not be recompiled to save developer and deployment time
  • Built an asset precompiler for fingerprinting, compressing, and compiling assets for improved site performance


Competing Values

Oct 2012 to Aug 2014.

  • Wrote a self-assessment application using Ruby on Rails for medical students to assess their strengths in the context of the healthcare field
  • Collaborated with a designer to create a responsive WordPress theme and customizable widgets for using PHP and Twitter Bootstrap
  • Migrated self-hosted email, DNS, and web applications from a dedicated server to decrease costs and improve reliability


BSE Computer Science

Univeristy of Michigan – Ann Arbor
College of Engineering
Class of 2014


Skills & Interests

  • Working with stakeholders to build excellent solutions and looking for ways to get a feature to market faster
  • Writing software interfaces that are a joy to use and components that are easy to modify and remove


  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • C++
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