Super v0.0.7: Filtering

Super FOSS now includes a filtering feature built in. It’s very much inspired by ActiveAdmin’s filtering feature. Super now includes all of the main features one might expect from an admin framework: being able to read, write, and search data.

Super still has no dependencies (other than Rails itself)! It’ll be the easiest admin framework to maintain with painless gem updates, especially as Super’s public API stabilizes.

One other change I’m excited about is that GitHub now correctly categorizes this project as a Ruby project, not a CSS project. Because Tailwind CSS is vendored twice (for Sprockets and for Webpacker), 90% of the lines of code are CSS. I was able to set it up to ignore those files (it was way too hard! 😝).

Check out the latest release!

What’s next

There are some APIs that I’d like to revisit, stabilize, and improve. I’ll likely work on them in groups, like:

  • Refactoring Display and adding some new features
  • Refactoring Schema, Form, and the newly added Filter
  • Cleaning up Partial, Panel, and Layout; redesigning some pages

There are some other features I’ve been considering adding for a long time. I created some issues on GitHub to gauge demand; I’m sure I’ll see some +1s if people are interested.

I don’t know what order I’ll be working through all of these, but I’m excited for what’s to come!

Posted on 2020-12-15 11:03 PM -0500
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