Super v0.0.6

Big release! A ton of breaking changes. I expect that future releases will be quite a bit more stable.

A few things worth noting that weren’t really brought up in the changelog:

  • It works nicely on Rails 6.1, give it a try!
  • I added doc detailing which parts of Super are stable and which   parts aren’t. It’s possible I’ll even change the “stable” APIs, but I hope   it’ll provide some view into Super’s current progress
  • I’m slowly working on a redesign. After seeing macOS Big Sur and the GitHub   redesign, I was inspired to make some changes. I shipped one small part of it   this release, but I hope to have more soon!

What’s next

I’ve already started working on improving on the idea of plugins. This’ll make it much easier for me to add new features into Super, but it should also make it easier for developers to write plugins or to make changes in their own apps. I’m adding a surprise plugin—it’s all looking very promising!

I’ve made good progress with it already, so I plan on making another release soon, perhaps this week or the next. I haven’t made any breaking changes yet, so now might be a good time to try it out!

Posted on 2020-12-13 10:06 AM -0500
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