I released Confinement, a static site generator for my website.

It’s written in about 650 lines of Ruby, currently all in one file. It uses the nightly build of Parcel 2 to build assets.

I was motivated to write this mostly because CSS changes became tedious. Tailwind CSS doesn’t really work outside of the JavaScript ecosystem, so with Munge, my previous static site generator, I first had to use Laravel Mix to build Tailwind, then passed that output to that into Munge, which would finally handle my JavaScript, images, and webfonts.

Confinement is definitely not ready for production use, at least until Parcel 2 has a production/beta release. Additionally, the current release, Confinement v0.0.1, is broken. Though I have a bugfix ready, it’ll come with some significant breaking changes to the API.

To rephrase, I’ve been stress programming. I’m fortunate to be working from home during this time. But it’s hard being stuck indoors, it’s hard not visiting friends and family, and it’s hard having so many friends and family who are affected by this – whether it’s loss of their jobs or the deterioration of their health.

Confinement is static site generator for when you’re stuck at home. But want to be outside.

Posted on 2020-04-01 09:40 PM -0400
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